Spy Apps – Discover the True Face of the Threat

With hackers trying to exploit us and stalkers trying to meddle into our lives, there is no way out from this torrid muddle of a life we have stuck ourselves in. In the age where even the slightest of our indiscretions are on display for the world to see, let’s just say that it is not as hard for spy applications to easily invade our privacy.  With the advancement in this threat escalating by the minutes, the only hope we have left to save ourselves is by handling the threat by revealing its intensity and danger to the world.

The Face of the Threat

As already mentioned, spy apps and the threat they pose to the world is advancing every day. Once when the government used them to keep an eye on the people it was slightly acceptable since they had a decent reason for not respecting our privacy, even if it is very invasive but on the other hand spy app user use it to always invade people’s privacy for their own nefarious reasons. Additionally, spy app users can be anybody at all, from a stalker to an enemy trying to harm you, since they can easily be used to do the following things:

  • Access Media Files

One of the worst things after identity theft is the theft of personal property, especially in the form of pictures. In this age, people more often than not tend to take their nude pictures and such pictures are always taken through their smartphone. Now a stalker with access to spy apps will certainly be able to get hold of your device and access your data which may not only reflect badly on you for the rest of your life but it may also effectively tarnish your relationship and greatly harm your self-esteem and self-respect.

  • Snoop Through Calls and Text Messages

The second worst thing perhaps a stalker using spy apps can do is browse through your calls, text messages and contact list at their free will which may not only effectively leak out your personal information but also alert your stalker about your whereabouts, on the hour, every hour wherever he may be. Additionally, it can also be bad for you loved ones and the people you care about as their private life may also be at stake here.

  • Monitor Social Media

Nothing ever stays private when you put it on the net. If you have you social media profiles logged in from your smartphone, you are giving easy access to your most personal details to whoever is trying to stalk you. From the email accounts to your handlers to your password everything is out in the open and up for grabs for anyone keeping an eye on you.

  • Tracks and Bugs

Apart from all that spy apps also come equipped with GPS trackers that can track your every movement right up to your exact location. This enables your stalker to not only stalk you virtually but to also stalk you in person. Wherever you may be, you will never be safe from whoever it is that is after you. Additionally, camera and microphone bug can allow them to easily look into what you are doing by turning your smartphone’s camera on and off at will and listen in to the surrounding of the target device by turning the microphone on as well.

The Bottom Line

Even though spy apps really are as bad a thing as any can be, yet at the same time countless parents, employers, and spouses are quite thankful to spy apps for helping them in a keen digital eye on their children, employees, and other halves. One may argue those spy apps are a necessary evil, which indeed stands to be true since they have benefitted as many as it has exploited, even more so. Maneuvering their use is like walking on the edge of right and wrong but no one can deny that even though it can very effectively kill privacy, it is capable of helping you out with things where everything else seems to fail.


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